Patika Code Framework:
We Reuse It When We Like It

Reusable components are the building blocks of business applications. They are robust, scalable, and flexible. Throughout the years, we built the Patika Code Framework helping to start fast, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.

What You Need & What We Provide

I need to design my business flows as well as automate and transform them easily.

Camunda is the backbone of our enterprise applications and we are proud masters of its hidden gems. We created plug & play business flows and even extended its features to cover the most common form, approval, or task management flows.

I need enterprise-level authorization, authentication, and logging..

We utilize industry-standard tools and protocols to secure our microservices and applications. We support providers like OKTA, Auth0, and Azure Active Directory.

On a higher level, Patika Code Framework provides an out-of-the-box enterprise-level user Management framework that supports permission-role-based access control. You can administer “who can do what” at the lowest level of granularity.

I need an automated and reliable flow of incremental code changes from developers’ desktops to production.

One of the most difficult tasks in today's businesses is adapting swiftly to ever-changing needs.

At Patika Global Technology, we effectively utilize CI/CD methodology and the latest tools to build, run, test and deploy our code. Along the CI/CD workflow pipeline, we use Github, Bitbucket, Jenkins, AWS Codepipeline, AWS Codecommit, and Terraform to manage the infrastructure.

I need an enterprise-grade mobile/web UX/UI.

Enterprise applications are not just standard user interfaces with complex back-end systems. We know that a good user interface is key to successful adoption and cost effectivity of business software. We use methods like storyboards, user flows, behaviour analysis to achieve usability, clarity, consistency and performance in what we build. Our front-end framework has been developed according to industry standards, evolved by user feedback and proven its worth by serving 20.000+ business users today.

Let the experts of Patika Global Technology know how they can assist you in improving your business.

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