Agility, Availability and

Run Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure,
enjoy business growth, greater business agility, and lower costs and risks.

What It

There is more choice and
agility for you

Improve you
business agility

Make your business agile, respond to changes as quick as possible and adopt new technologies functionality.

Handle fast business growth

Migrate your business to a smart, scalable platform and begin focusing on revenue-generating operations.

Reduce project
costs & time

Get free from costly data center transfer & maintenance while reducing provisioning and response time.

Increase the

Drive workforce productivity while gaining flexibility through next-gen technology and enhancements.

Further Benefits

You have a lot of options with Oracle E-Business Suite on
Cloud. Product adoption and implementation are now
entirely dependent on your terms and timelines.
More specifically:

  • Respond to ERP market trends
  • Adopt new technologies & applications
  • Ensure continuity of the operations
  • Deploy new development and test environments

Oracle Value Proposition for
EBS on Cloud

Learn more about how EBS on Oracle Cloud can help you to cut costs while improving performance and availabilty in this
Oracle White Paper.

38% lower TCO than on-premises deployments

Managing and reducing CAPEX for data centers

30% increased performance, 2-10x faster reporting

High availability with RTO < 4 hours and RPO < 4 hours

Maximize your solution availability with Oracle, with Oracle RAC or Exadata in the Cloud

What Makes
Oracle Cloud Solutions Distinctive?

Boost your IT landscape with the Oracle’s industry leading cloud solutions

Continuous innovation

As a service provider, which constantly expanding its solution, Oracle offers Oracle E-Business Suite cloud automation for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and related database services.

Continuous suppor

Through Oracle Support which provides various channels for cooperation, it is possible to cope with issues related to the system and respond to changes in time. Oracle Support also tests Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and certified database services on the cloud.

Patika Global Technology
+ Oracle E-Business
Suite on Cloud

Let us bring cutting-edge infrastructure and tech to your business.

We are experts in Oracle's well-known cloud components, the core
building parts required to run Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Deploy new development and test environments

Let the experts of Patika Global Technology know how they can assist you in improving your business.

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