Experience Indoor Location Intelligence
& Detect and Collect Insightful Data

What about investing in the right location monitoring technologies that let your
organization save costs and leverage current hardware?
Meet Radiofar.


Back to Basics: What Is Radiofar?

Radiofar, a cutting-edge real-time location system, positions individuals or
items when GPS and other satellite technologies fall short.

It simplifies the administration of large office buildings and corporate
grounds, contributes top productivity.

Radiofar also guarantees the precision,d indoor tracking, even in difficult
situations, by deploying objects such as smartphones, WiFi and Bluetooth
antennae, digital cameras, and timers.

What Does Radiofar Offer?

In a world where wireless signal processing and smart devices are extensively used in anything from industrial automation systems to daily payment technologies to boost efficiency and
monitor operations in depth, Radiofar deploysh tracking, proximity marketing, and industrial IoT applications.
Radiofar, which processes, visualizes, and manages IoT data, provides the following functions:

  • Worker safety
  • Historical data tracking
  • Sensor data collection
  • Customer management
  • Location-based marketing
  • Emergency assembly area management
  • Movement analysis
  • Caregiver & patient tracking
  • Person density reports
  • Interactive personnel management
  • Valuable asset/equipment tracking
  • Visitor tracking

Where Can It Be Used?

No more GPS and satellite technologies; Radiofar is here
to provide precise indoor positioning.

Hospitals & Health
Logistics Centers
Shopping Centers
Multistory Buildings
Parking Garages
Underground Locations








Patika Global Technology on
IoT and Beacon Tech

As an research-development organization, we produce our own technology in IoT and Beacon technologies with the new initiatives by qualifying for on-site research-development certification.

We continue our RD development by combining Beacon technology with various intelligent sensors to create multiple applications that will enhance the customer experience with high-accuracy navigation capabilities and mobile application integration in all indoor environments.

Radiofar Projects

What can be done using Beacon technology might vary substantially
depending on the client demands from different sectors. Here are two
projects we've completed utilizing Radiofar thus far.

Project #1

Employee ID cards were replaced with smart
wristbands, and processes such as opening doors and
tracking entries and exits in the company building
were carried out without the need for a card.

Project #2

Small-sized & label-shaped pieces with Beacon
technology were placed on products for asset
monitoring, resulting in considerably more efficient
real-time tracking of commodities.

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