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What Does Using a
Standards-Based Architecture Mean?

Using a standards-based architecture, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud, means reducing integration costs while boosting application flexibility. Furthermore, the architecture enables businesses to customize not just the user interface, but rather the processes, logic, and intelligence.

It is also feasible to get a faster return on investment, flexible deployment models, and rapid setup by managing apps easily on a single platform.

What Oracle Fusion Cloud Offersfor Businesses

Oracle Fusion Cloud, which refers to cloud infrastructure Fusion Middleware, is a service-oriented platform that combines next-generation corporate technology and applications.

Allowing enterprises to adapt in response to market dynamics, Oracle Fusion Cloud collects and incorporates best practices of cutting-edge technology.

 Oracle's applications unlimited portfolio
Advancements provided by Oracle
Standards-based Technology
Security as a priority

Why Are Thousands of Businesses a Part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud World?

Oracle, which provides an integrated cloud application suite as well as a cloud infrastructure platform, enables businesses to implement innovations on time and within budget.
It also offers multiple layers of services and modules via the following products:


Complete command over your financials, act quickly to advance your business.

  • Daily send-receive capacity 1M Incoming Invoice
  • Auto-import, View PDF instantly
  • Dynamic approval hierarchies
  • Automatch to purchase orders
  • Automatic approval/rejection rules
  • Daily/monthly reports
  • Department or region based access Control, document forwarding
  • Invoice mass printing
  • View incoming attachments Outgoing invoices
  • Single or multi processing of invoices
  • Dynamic data and formatting configuration.
  • Auto-validation of receiver information
  • Integration of non-Oracle invoice data sources
  • Send any attachments along with outgoing invoices, autogenerate line descriptions
  • Support for complex pricing and line grouping scenarios
  • Create signed invoice in 2 seconds.

The best in class suite of procurement applications from Supplier Selection to Sourcing, Contracts to Procurement and compliant spending.

  • Daily send-receive capacity 1M Incoming Waybill
  • Auto-import, View PDF instantly
  • Automatch order - sender information
  • Automatic or manual acceptance or rejection.
  • Daily/monthly reports
  • Department or region based access control, waybill forwarding
  • Mass print of outgoing invoices
  • Autoimport and processing of incoming documents and attachments
  • Autocreate ASN sor ASBNS outgoing waybill
  • Create outgoing signed waybill in 3 seconds
  • Support for non-Oracle data sources
  • Dynamic formatting
  • Automatic receiver validation
  • Send attachments, auto-generate line notes and descriptions.
Supply Chain & Manufacturing

The leader in Cloud supply chain applications that covers materials planning, logistics, PLM, Inventory, Maintenance and Order Management & Shipping.

  • Autogenerate e-ledger
  • Automatic journal numbering and balance validation.
  • Support for large volume files. (5GB+)
  • Warrant generation at integrator portal.

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