Overcome Integration Challenges
with a Trusted Partner

A helpful hand that makes all the systems and technologies operate together in
harmony might be a need for ever-developing enterprises to get optimum outcomes.
Patika Global Technology's integration consultancy service fits this need.

Benefits of Enterprise
Application Integration (EAI)

Getting expert guidance and a comprehensive roadmap
for technology integration comes with several benefits.

Automation &

Application Integration Services help different systems of various platforms talk to each other and eliminate manual & time-consuming tasks.

Single source
of truth

Digital transformation brings new capabilities to marketing, sales, logistics, and accounting; implementation undoubtedly helps businesses expand and increase income.

Utilizing the
best alternative

Make use of existing stable and proven products and services. Embed them or consume their APIs within your system to save time and money.

Our Application

By Aim

Supply Chain Management Systems e-Transformation (e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Waybill) Customer & Vendor Portals Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications BPM (Business Process)

By Platform or Status

PaaS / SaaS Solutions On-Premises Solutions Legacy and Modern Applications

Our Methods

Based on the specific needs of your existing architecture and data,
we offer the best mixture of different methods.


Application Integration has evolved from ETL to API-based tools and methods. We use the most modern Web API services, tools, and platforms to build robust integrations for your business.

SOAP REST JSON, XML OAuth, JWT, and Webhooks AWS API Gateway, Apigee, Azure API Management, Postman

Middleware and Database

We select the optimum integration model based on the number and kind of layers in your system. Whether point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, enterprise service bus, or as a trending alternative, our software professionals assess iPAAS and choose the best model.

Oracle Web Logic Server JitterBit Oracle Golden Gate Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)


Using the most prevalent EDI standards and current technologies, we create EDI flows for supply chain or financial/banking systems.

Oracle EDI Gateway

Oracle Integration Services

We specialized in:

Oracle Database

Oracle Golden Gate: Real-time replication with Oracle databases, Non-Oracle databases, NoSQL, and a wide variety of big data environments.

Oracle Data Integrator: High-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c, provides superior developer productivity and improved user experience with a redesigned flow-based declarative user interface.

Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP Cloud Integration Services: We provide a comprehensive set of modern cloud tools, templates, and pre-packaged integration to cover various scenarios using modern and efficient technologies.

Application adapters for ERP integration: We specialize in Oracle SaaS Integration with on-premises E-Business Suite. We utilize ready application adapters as well as REST, SOAP, LDAP, and FTP.

We are experienced in

  • WMS – ERP Integrations

  • Banking – ERP Integrations

  • Healthcare Systems – ERP Integrations

  • Government Systems – ERP Integrations

  • JDA, Stokbar, Oracle, SAP

  • Checks, Payments, Account Transactions

  • HIMS Integrations

  • E-Transformation

Let the experts of Patika Global Technology know how they can assist you in improving your business.

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