Build and Manage Cloud Native
Applications in Oracle Cloud

Patika Global Technology's OCI application development is where scalability and security
meet better performance, lower costs, and a seamless integration with
your enterprise solution landscape.

What It Offers

Application Development on OCI offers out-of-the-box security, an enterprise-class low-code platform, and a set of CI/CD tools that you can seamlessly adopt. What’s more?

Deploy your SaaS apps to
numerous cloud platforms
without changing the
application code.

Take advantage of scalability,
which provides a solid platform
for Enterprise level

Enhance performance while
decreasing expenses when
compared to other cloud providers.

Seamlessly integrate with your
Oracle ERP version, take
advantage of rapid app

Further Benefits

  • Deploying and managing cloud-native workloads,

  • Building apps quickly and addressing real-world
    challenges by using low-code tools.

  • Pre-building models into apps and operations by
    using open source frameworks, data, and deploy models.

  • Faster development, testing, and deployment of applications into OCI's high-performance VM, as well as infrastructure management and software delivery automation.

Customize and Extend
Your On-Prem & Fusion
Cloud Applications with
Oracle Visual Builder

We provide Oracle Visual Builder Development services that help you
rapidly create and host web and mobile applications for your

We also here to modernize your Oracle Forms or ADF-based
applications to sustainable and latest technology platforms

Patika Global Technology +
Application Development
on OCI

We enable your company to use modern, cloud-native apps that
provide unmatched performance, security, flexibility,
and high availability.

Want to know more? Contact us.

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