Go Paperless & Eliminate
Potential Errors in Quality Control

What about transforming the document management and quality flows into
paperless, rapid, and flexible procedures with high traceability and audit readiness?
Meet the new age quality management system - PQM


What Exactly Is PQM?

PQM is a multiplatform cloud-native quality management solution that assists businesses in transitioning to paperless document management and quality.

PQM helps you to:

Have total control over your documents.

Create, classify, store, revise, approve, integrate and circulate your documents in a secure and unified platform.

Go Paperless

Collect quality results, and provide visibility to quality specifications, guides and instructions -right on the shop floor or field via tablets or phones.

Get Actionable Insights

Enable data-driven analysis with PQM. Integrate your favorite BI tool or use PQM in-house reports and dashboards to analyze risks, trends, CTQ, and CPK.

Stay Compliant

Improve compliance with regulatory standards and customer specifications. Easily plan and coordinate audit management processes.

Reduce Cycle Times

Automate distribution of documents, data collection, follow-up, and escalation of nonconformance reports. Increase collaboration and response agility.

Automate Collection

Automate data collection by using PQM Gateway to integrate with your IoT or SCADA systems or mass upload collected data via CSV or spreadsheets.

Implement Easily

Integrate Oracle EBS Data with an out-of-box integration utility. Start collecting results in a few weeks.

What PQM Provides

How can PQM help your business stand out? Discover.

PQM Core

Manage and monitor your files and BPM module to enable easy orchestration of document and task management flows.


Promote a culture of continuous improvement by PQM’s modern Corrective and Preventive Action module. Involve everyone, and stay on top of your quality management.

PQM Analytics

PQM provides quality decision-makers with real-time operational reporting as well as actionable dashboards. Generate Process capability(Cpk) and Process Performance(Ppk) reports with a few clicks.

PQM Supply Chain

Gain top-level control and visibility into your receiving and inspection processes. Manage supplier base, manage specifications, set up and plan your inspection schedule, collect results, and involve suppliers in your nonconformance process.

PQM Gateway

PQM offers out-of-the-box integration capabilities with ERP systems. Sync your master and transactional data, and eliminate manual inputs. PQM Gateway enables the automated results data collection from 3rd party systems such as your Scada system or individual machines.

PQM Manufacturing

Capture quality results on the go and get instant insights with the PQM. PQM Manufacturing enables mobile entry of Manufacturing Inspection, Nonconformance, Repairs, Corrective/Preventive Actions plan results on the shop floor. PQM allows production and quality operators to log repair hours and consumed materials during inspections and repairs. Built-in reporting lets you know where to focus on to improve quality and cut costs.

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More about Patika QMS: Benefits & Offerings

  • Many tools to improve and ease the way data is collected via mobile devices.
  • Advanced formulas enable auto calculation of inter-dependent input values.
  • Special keys enable guided form fields, decreasing end-user training needs.
  • Dependency rules ensure only relevant, timely, and correct data is entered.
  • Automated inspection lot creation for receiving and manufacturing eliminates manual work.
  • Mobile device cameras to take photos, mark the important part on the image and classify as per your standards.

Hear from Our Clients

Jon M. Van Wyk
Global OPEX Manager & QMS Mobile
Application PM, TPI Composites, Inc.

TPI Composites, Inc. Goes Paperless with its Quality Management System Summary

TPI Composites, Inc. (TPI) replaced a paper-based data collection process with a cloud-based mobile application for its Quality Management System. Patika Global Technology was instrumental in the successful development and deployment of a custom solution that met TPI’s specific and unique needs. This collaboration was made possible by Patika taking the time to fully understand TPI’s business processes.

The custom mobile application allows QC Inspectors to collect all required data within its proprietary processes and feed the information into a database in the cloud hosted by AWS. It is now possible for TPI to realize real-time data reporting and analysis, as well as cost savings through the reduction in printed control forms, which aligns with its corporate goal to champion green initiatives.

About TPI
TPI is the only independent manufacturer of composite wind blades for the wind energy market with a global manufacturing footprint. TPI delivers high-quality, cost-effective composite solutions through long term relationships with leading OEMs in the wind and transportation markets. TPI is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and operates factories throughout the U.S., China, Mexico, Turkey, and India. TPI operates additional engineering development centers in Denmark and Germany.

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