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As Patika Global Technology, we are here to assist you in using AWS to enhance your business,
whether a new startup or an SMB, or a global enterprise.

What Amazon Web Services
Offer for Businesses

AWS is a cloud platform that provides more than 100 services in a single platform to help businesses build modern and sophisticated applications.

From computing power to analytics, machine learning to serverless computing, AWS offers easy-to-use, unique, and pay-as-you-go services.

Our ambition is to build modern and robust enterprise applications for businesses on AWS. We know what it takes to leverage AWS’s offerings and build with modular architecture patterns, serverless models, and cloud-based CI/CD methodologies.

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Benefits of Using Amazon Web Services
for Enterprise-Grade businesses.

Eliminate worrying about capacity:

Guessing the infrastructure capacity requirements before running an app or system does not belong to the world of AWS. Run your apps and systems without having to worry about pricey resources or limited capacity.

Enjoy scalable and innovative resources:

In the Amazon Web Services environment, accessing high-performing resources is not a matter. By accessing the innovative items easily, you can reduce the time it takes, boost development and delivery agility, and save money.

Pay just when you use resources:

There is no need to spend extensively on data centers and servers even before using them in the realm of AWS. Pay solely for what you use and how much you consume, through the "pay-as-you-go" pricing.

Our AWS Services

As an AWS partner, we are experts in innovation through the power of the cloud. We help businesses migrate, modernize and manage their businesses on AWS.

Application Migration & Modernization

We drive the change to full cloud migration of your valuable digital assets and applications by evaluating your current landscape and reengineering your applications in AWS. You can easily switch to scalable, sustainable, and containerized structures with us

Application Development

We offer turnkey web and mobile development services by using unique AWS products. We fulfill enterprise-level network, security, and integration needs by leveraging out-of-the-box solutions and experiences.

Cloud DevOps

We transform your build-test-deploy processes with AWS and other DevOps services. While increasing quality and efficiency in your CI/CD pipeline, we also design modular microservices and keep version control and continuous monitoring on AWS.

Our cloud-native apps which are built and run on AWS:

We deliver stability and significant development to your organization through ERP implementation projects.

PQM - Quality Management System

HumanSuite – End to End Talent Management

Mobile Manufacturing – Oracle ERP Integrated Mobile Solution

What Our Clients are Saying

Gokhan Gokoz

Avon Head of IT

“Through its outsourcing service, Patika Global Technology offered the assistance we need for database development, BI projects, business analysis, and integrations. They collaborated with us to drive performance and engagement by assembling a team of professionals. Thanks for the straightforward and easy-to-follow process.”

Serden Ozakar

Reckitt Benckiser Head of IT

“Shortly after collaborating, Patika Global Technology has introduced us to the “team players” that help us with project management, BI development, business analysis, and integration. Since the very first day of the partnership, we have received ongoing feedback on the team and performance. This collaboration demonstrated that expertise in the IT business is the key to outsourcing success.”

What Else Does AWS Promise?

A quick look at the additional perks of being an AWS user.

Maximum Security

We secure AWS users' digital assets, accounts, and workloads under Amazon's guarantee.


Collaborating with us means saving between 40% - 60% on analytics and real-time bidding costs.

Maximum Capacity

We provide the max computing capacity on AWS, in the shortest amount of time at a fair cost.

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We can assist you in taking advantage of Amazon Web Services.

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