Full e-Transformation coverage
for Oracle e-Business Suite

What about automating the entire e-Invoice, e-ledger, e-waybill, check, bank payments and
POS operations while adhering to the legislation and reducing the margin of error?
Our e-transformation solutions are available.

e-Transformation Invites You to the "Better"

The amount of money invested in digital transformation doubles every year. This is hardly unexpected considering the advantages of e-transformation, including automating the entire process, complying with the regulations, processing electronic data, and accessing meaningful reports.

Discover more advantages:

Seamlessly integrated with Oracle EBS versions

Process e-Invoices, print e-waybills, and integrate with your bank without needing to use a 3rd party portal. Automate invoice validation, approval, or rejections based on predefined rules. Preview printed documents before submitting.

Enjoy flexible approval workflows

Patika e-Transformation enables a configurable approval flow design that helps you efficiently route documents within your departments. Approvers enjoy the quick review and approval/actions directly from their inbox.

Automatically update
your 3rd party data

Patika e-Transformation automatically updates customer and vendor inbox and e-Invoice liability on a scheduled basis and right before transmitting the e-Invoice. You do not need to worry about resending.

Customize according to clients’ needs

Our e-Invoice and e-waybill module can be configured to include additional fields to suit your clients’ integrations requirements. Send/receive document attachments and accept or reject with comments directly using Oracle screens.

Our Way in e-Transformation Process

  •  Patika e-Transformation is a suite of Oracle EBS add-ons that enables seamless integration with the Turkish Revenue Administration (RA)
  •  Add-On works with major certified integrator services including Süper Entegratör, Digital Planet, Turkkep, Idea Teknoloji. Can be easily modified to work with others.
  •  Supports all available web service methods published by RA.
  •  Single and proven architecture to cover e-Ledger, e-Invoice, e-Archive, and e-Waybill
Dynamic file processing capacity
Convenient use through Oracle EBS
e-Transformation integration network security gateway layer
Capacity to process +1,000,000 invoices per day
Incoming e-Invoice/Waybill dynamic workflow design
+50 project adaptation experiences

e-Transformation Solutions
We Provide

e-Invoice, e-Archive

Send, Receive, Circulate, Approve, and easily track your e-Invoices without leaving Oracle EBS screens. Track the status of incoming and outgoing invoices; cancel, resend, preview as PDF easily using our Invoice Workbench.

  • Daily send-receive capacity of 1M incoming invoices
  • Auto-import and view PDFs instantly
  • Dynamic approval hierarchies
  • Automatch to purchase orders
  • Automatic approval/rejection rules
  • Daily/monthly reports
  • Department or region based access control and document forwarding
  • Invoice mass printing
  • View incoming attachments Outgoing invoices
  • Single or multi processing of invoices
  • Dynamic data and formatting configuration
  • Auto-validation of receiver information
  • Integration of non-Oracle invoice data sources
  • Send any attachments along with outgoing invoices, and autogenerate line descriptions
  • Support for complex pricing and line grouping scenarios
  • Create a signed invoice in just 2 seconds

Generate, preview, send or receive e-waybills from Oracle Order Management, Inventory or Shipping modules. e-Waybill can be embedded into your standard or customized supply chain processes. Save cost and time by e-waybill automation.

  • Daily send-receive capacity of 1M incoming waybills
  • Auto-import and view PDFs instantly
  • Automatch order – sender information
  • Automatic or manual acceptance or rejection
  • Daily/monthly reports
  • Department or region based access control and waybill forwarding
  • Mass print of outgoing invoices
  • Autoimport and processing of incoming documents and attachments
  • Autocreation of ASN or ASBNS outgoing waybill
  • Create outgoing signed waybill in 3 seconds
  • Support for non-Oracle data sources
  • Dynamic formatting
  • Automatic receiver validation
  • Send attachments, auto-generate line notes and descriptions.

e-Ledger Integration has never been easier for Oracle ERP. Use Patika e-Ledger to auto-number*, validate, generate XML’s, sign and submit your accounting ledgers to Revenue Administration.

  • Autogenerate e-ledger
  • Automatic journal numbering and balance validation
  • Support for large volume files. (5GB+)
  • Warrant generation at integrator portal
Cheque Tracking

Suitable for high-volume cheque usage scenarios, our solution helps you to scan, register and track the lifecycle of your cheques and automate payment and receipts entries.

Bank Payments

Integrate your Payable and Receivable module with any Bank in Turkey via cloud aggregator services. Easily integrate payments received, vendor payments and bank transfers right into your Oracle system.


POS Integration provides you with easy to use, fast integration and reconciliation between your Oracle ERP finance modules and your POS device transactions.


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