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Activities other than basic competences are defined as activities that have an important role for the proper functioning of business processes but do not have an important role on it’s own in the formation of products. Nevertheless, the companies need these services. In order to maintain their assets they want to receive these services problem-free, uninterrupted and as much as they need. We can say the most important business models of the last decade are fed with this approach of the institutions. However these services cannot be provided in-house, even with it’s responsible, performer or itself; though they are still required for the main work to function.

The use of an external source by a company, receiving it from other businesses that are specialized in their own field for the works that the core and basic competencies are not used (hence outside of the works that are based on their own skills and competencies) is called outsourcing.

At this point, there are two important pillars of outsourcing:

Focusing on the basic competencies that provide the company a competitive advantage, improving itself in order to make a good job better and remain competitive. In the activities outside the basic competencies, providing material or service input in accordance with the required quality standards through other enterprises specialized in these topics.

In addition to all of these, dealing with the issues which can threaten the continuity of the resources, hence the operation such as dismissal, new employee finding costs, employee circulation, sickness, leave of absence and so on and developing measures for the unexpected situations can be managed by an outsourcing company without requiring much additional resources. These should also be addressed as hidden resource costs. Proceeding a job within the organization, it is seen that there is a cost of a managerial labor for the time, personnel and operations management; that is to say in terms of the staff time and other resources. In other words, the personnel recruited for this job also triggers a natural cause and effect relationship, which also leads to an increase in those who manage the job.

Taking all these reasons into account, outsourcing is considered to be a serious alternative in order to better run and develop the enterprise applications of the company in operational terms and to use them more effectively within the organization.

Patika Global Technology, within the scope of customer-oriented outsourcing support center SLA, provides support in accordance with the needs and demands of the company. This means not only providing reliable support for the products and services, but also providing support for all enterprise applications under the SLA. Patika Global Technology, now manages the outsourcing support center of Turkcell, which is a leading GSM operator in Turkey. All support and development processes of this operation is carried out on Turkcell’s ERP ecosystem.

At this point, the advantages of outsourcing can be listed as follows:

  • It enables companies which operate outside Information Technologies field, to provide better quality products and services to their customers.
  • The IT investments of the companies have significant risks. Based on this reality, companies started to benefit from information technologies through external sources. In this way, they can more easily adapt to the opportunities changing in a more dynamic way.
  • Provides more manageable amounts regarding the costs you are confronted with
  • Outsourced external services do not constitute a burden on the company in terms of income tax
  • Monthly staff expenses, such as health insurance, are not under your company’s responsibility
  • The statutory rights to be paid in huge amounts (such as severance pay) are outside of your company’s concern.
  • You take the opportunity to focus on your own employees and benefits provided to ensure employee satisfaction.
    You will not deal with problems such as shortage of space due to new permanent staff or transition to a larger office.
  • You would not have to pay for the equipment, hardware costs and software license fees that are essential for permanent personnel. In addition, the burden of license rental, software and office equipment management would be reduced.

While taking the first steps for outsourcing seems to be time consuming, professional support that comes with the outsourcing increases productivity in the medium and long term, as well as contributing to the economy of scale of the company. The initial cost of the investment, that you make for your business to grow in many areas, would be reduced by outsourcing services and for this reason would make it possible for you to take decision quickly and carry this immediately into practice.  During the outsourcing of the recruitment or the service, making this purchase in order to incorporate it within the company, has the potential to expose companies to long and tiring processes. For this reason outsourcing (especially for the synergy it created together with the growth strategies) steps in as a solution that goes well with the solutions in the field of technology.

This team manages the daily support processes of clients, and business applications of the companies where the service is provided remotely by Patika within the scope of customer-specific SLA agreements. The team also offers services such as design and development of additional development requests related to the ERP system or other business applications intensively used on a daily basis by the companies. It also provides fast and accurate solutions to system problems under SLA. Within this context, by outsourcing the burden of Business Applications Support, our customers address the quality services with appropriate cost items.

Get the outsourcing services of Patika Global Technology (whether on site or remotely, long or short term contract):

  • Oracle Technical and Functional Specialists
  • Software Engineer (Oracle, Java, .NET specialists)
  • Functional Specialist (Business Analyst)
  • IT Project Manager
  • Remote Support Center (SLA based service)








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