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Patika Global Technology is a leading consultancy company specialized in Oracle E-Business Suite. This is a customized module product which supports the related business processes of the most preferred companies around the world in the field of ERP. In this context, Patika provides services to companies in the setup and support phases of ERP systems and modules to meet the functional and technical service requirements.
Oracle continues to invest in 3 main categories: functional progress, mobility and operational efficiency with interface modernization. At the same time, it provides necessary integration to enable E-Business Suite customers benefit from Oracle’s SaaS investments at it’s best, where it intersects with E-Business Suite.

The rapid growth of the cloud has significantly changed the way that companies of all sizes look at ERP, as well as their practices. With mobile platforms, time and place independent ERP works has transitioned into modern cloud-based ERP systems. Based on the unforgettable history of ‘ERP 1.0’, this new generation ERP or ‘ERP 2.0’ eliminates the need for ERP projects taking years and heavy customizations

Digital technologies have completely changed how users interact with applications. ERP 2.0 provides quick solutions through the cloud, allowing companies to respond quickly to the problems in the industry. If you are a fast and globally growing company, and the ERP application you use requires new hardware needs while your ERP costs have increased, then switching to modern ERP applications is a critical need.

Oracle, offering a single ERP application that is ready to grow your business at corporate level, focuses on a solid platform, applications and finance solutions, purchasing, project portfolio and corporate performance management.

Built on a innovation background of 30 years, the Oracle E-Business Suite delivers continuous new application functionality and enhancements over existing competencies to enable companies take advantage of all the innovations offered by Oracle Cloud. Oracle E-Business Suite can be used with high cost efficiency, especially by medium scale companies due to it’s integrated data and flows, open standard integration capabilities, application management and automation tools, services, and expert partner ecosystem, resulting in a lower total ownership cost.

Oracle Accelerate business partners have added 21 solutions to Oracle E-Business Suite, which is used in various industries worldwide. Currently, there are 107 Oracle Accelerate solutions which take the Oracle E-Business Suite as a base, adapted to 37 industry segments in 20 countries with 55 partners.

Oracle consultants provide industry-leading solutions by using their expertise in a variety of industries and regions, through their access to the most advanced Oracle products, features, methods and tools. Oracle Consultancy helps to reduce the effort and time spent up to 40% through proven cloud methodology and flexible presentation options.

Patika Global Technology provides functional and technical services within the scope of Oracle consultancy services.

The functional services offered by Patika Technology includes all the effort spent to understand the current business processes of the companies and make these processes compatible with the ERP methodology. Oracle E-Business Suite applications setup modules specific to finance, logistics, human resources and production

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite
  2. Finance
  3. Accounts Receivable(AR)
  4. Accounts Payable (AP)
  5. Ledger General Accounting (GL)
  6. Internet Expenses Cost Management (i-Expense)
  7. Purchasing Management (i-Procurement)
  8. Supply Chain
  9. Order Management (OM)
  10. Inventory Management (INV)
  11. Production Management (WIP)
  12. Human Capital Management (HCM)

The technical services offered by Patika Technology within the scope of Oracle consultancy services, consist of software development activities for the companies to adapt to the new technology infrastructure or to ensure required system integrations during the transition to ERP system.

  1. OAF (Oracle Application Framework)
  2. ADF (Application Development Framework)
  3. Oracle PL/SQL and SQL
  4. Oracle Forms and Reports
  5. Oracle WorkFlow
  6. Oracle SQL Performance Tuning
  7. Oracle Discoverer
  8. Oracle XML Publisher
  9. Oracle BI (Business Intelligence)
  10. Java/JSP








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