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Information and communication technologies have played an important role in accounting operations by effectively recording and storing the data collected, producing new information, ensuring re-access to data and delivering to concerned people. E-transformation is an important part of digital transformation, meaning to become a more efficient enterprise by benefiting the means of electronic systems. It can be said that e-transformation process has become a necessity for companies with the processes accelerated by the adoption of digitalization and electronization policies of the governments. The e-transformation enables becoming a part of the electronic world. It is the realization of information and needs within the digital environment, and also the evolution of savings into needs in this digital information age.

With the e-transformation process, concepts like e-signature, e-government, e-invoice, e-ticket and many similar ones started to take place in the world of enterprises. These applications, which put forth the value and importance of e-transformation, have been more of an obligation than a choice both for public and private sector.

Patika Global Technology, as a consultant and implementer for digital transformation, provides services in the most common applications of e-transformation, meaning the digitalization of companies in commercial operations. Patika integrates the automation or ERP systems used by the companies to e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Delivery Note applications with 100% compliance to all the rules and regulations set by the Revenue Administration (RA).

With e-Invoice application invoice printing, billing and sending activities are completely transferred into the digital environment. It also makes transactions possible between companies. By the end of the 2014 or 2015 accounting period, companies with a gross sales revenue of 10 Million TL were required to keep e-Ledgers and switch to e-Invoices as of 2017. The e-invoice, reduces manual operational processes, enables companies to send invoices quickly, regularly and securely.

With e-invoice solution, which has many advantages compared to the printed invoicing, a company gets rid of the expenses such as invoice printing, billing, signing and stamping, shipping, archiving and related operational burdens. The collection process is also accelerated as the e-invoice reaches customers instantly. While reducing the workload and storage cost for invoice archiving, former invoices can be accessed immediately in digital environment.

Patika Technology integrates the existing automation or ERP systems of the companies into the e-invoice integrator firm infrastructure with 100% compliance to all rules and regulations RA has established. Particularly specialized in the integration of Oracle E-Business Suite, Patika is fully compliant with the relevant communiqué, (with the e-invoice integration) enables the companies issue sales, purchase and return invoices that are 100% real-time integrated with the related ERP/Finance system, customizable, compliant with the electronic signature. E-invoice integration supports easy billing via mobile phone, and helps reducing paper consumption

According to the requirements of Tax Procedure Law invoices has to be issued, stored and submitted in printed form. The e-archive invoicing application enables the to arrange invoices electronically, as well as storing and submitting the second copy.  E-archive is an invoice type belongs to e-invoicing system similar to e-invoice. It is electronically forwarded via e-mail to the taxpayer legal entities who are not in the scope of the e-invoice and also to individuals that are not taxpayers. E-archive invoice can be printed on a white A4 paper and forwarded as paper.

To put it simply, e-archive can be defined as the electronic invoice type that allows invoices to be sent to the companies that are not included in the e-invoice system or to the end users. Companies that have started to use e-Archive Invoicing along with e-Invoice, have the ease of issuing invoices electronically not only to the e-invoice users, but also to all their customers. The use of e-Archive reduces effort and cost on invoice distribution, printing and archiving.

It is compulsory for the companies which sells goods and services over the Internet and that has a gross sales revenue of 5 Million TL and more for 2015. In order for the transition to the e-archive invoicing application which can be used by any company, the company must first be included in the e-invoice system. Companies that are included in the e-archive system are also obliged to report their e-archive invoices to the RA every month on a regular basis. Patika Global Technology, which takes part as a solution partner of the company during the entire e-transformation process, also successfully manages the e-archive integration process of the companies.

E-ledger is a system in which the ledgers, called the general journals, are prepared electronically and signed using time stamps. In e-ledger application, which notarization is not required as it is kept in electronic environment, Patika Technology seamlessly integrates existing automation or ERP systems used by the companies to the e-ledger integrator firm infrastructure with its expertise in Oracle E-Business Suite integration

The e-Delivery Note, which enables the creation of the delivery notes in digital environment and speeding up your shipment processes and commerce, could be used by the companies that use e-invoices since 2018 .
As of 2019, the e-Delivery Note system is expected to be a mandatory application and the companies registered in the e-invoice system, together with their invoices, will be able to electronically prepare and send the delivery note and this e-Delivery Note will be considered instead of the packing slip.

With the e-Delivery Note application while the security of the delivery note records is ensured, which are transferred and stored in the digital environment; the companies are able to access to the e-Delivery Notes quickly.

Patika Global Technology, which also serves in the integration process of e-Delivery Note integrator firm infrastructure, enables companies a transition to e-transformation with 100% compliance with all the rules and regulations that RA has established









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