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Digital strategies not only focus on the online world but also requires a bridge built between the online and offline worlds. Digital transformation adds digital values to the corporate culture such as collaboration, productivity, better data, more information, personalization and compatibility with the future using technical and cultural changes.

These days, there are no companies that does not benefit from technology and digitalization. Applications such as document management, digital signature and electronic invoices added to existing workflows in fact mean every institution and every business line will necessarily undergo a digital transformation eventually; because it shows even the smallest information tracked by notebooks is useful in terms of digital usage and management. Of course, people and institutions experiencing digital transformation due to obligations face more disadvantages when compared to others who took this step willingly much before.

With digital transformation employee competence in digital tool usage increases, while the costs are reduced. According to IDC data, digital transformation across the world has the potential to provide businesses an added value of $18 trillion.

According to the research conducted by research firm Gartner CIO Agenda, in 2020 digital commerce will reach to a volume that will constitute approximately 36% of the total revenue of an enterprise. More than 66 percent of the companies undergoing a digital transformation aim to generate more revenue from their activities, while 48 percent think they will reach more customers through digital channels.

When it comes to reach the customer by using digital channels, first thing that comes to mind is the online commerce and related digital marketing activities.

To be able to create working integrated data structures in different areas and complete a digital transition journey that fits to your business using the tools you have, determination and a good partner is necessary.

Patika Global Technology, by adapting itself to the digitalized business world, is analyzing all the needs of this process, such as the digital tools required in the current business conduct of corporate companies where the digital transformation process is inevitable. As a result of these analyses, areas for improvement is determined with potential effects on company objectives. Appropriate automation and software requirements are defined in the following steps and digital transformation journey is kicked off.

We help the companies to digitalize in any field of the business world to benefit from the advantages of new technologies, maximize the productivity of their businesses, and to produce and deliver customized solutions in order to increase the profitability. This study includes a detailed analysis of the company, creating a snapshot of the digital scoring, and then focuses on building a transformation plan to optimize the work to new technologies through a careful and detailed project management approach. With a business plan managed by an experienced and professional staff and not obstructing your existing workflow, you will experience the benefits of digital transformation in best possible way. This will also encourage you to take a first step in this field.

If you think it’s time for a major breakthrough to make significant contributions to your company’s success; Patika Global Technology is ready to help you to determine your digital roadmap, identify your transformation process and define the right architecture for your company by providing fast, effective solutions.








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