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What a year!

In addition to the routine joys and sorrows experienced by each of us, our plans for 2020 have changed significantly, as we are dealing with the pandemic, first wave of it, second wave of it. COVID-19 has made us reconsider our work approaches, entertainment ways, and even social media. Two of the changes were remote employment and outsourcing. Outsourcing support increased significantly in the virus-affected world of 2020. It is gaining momentum gradually, and becoming vital for the survival of many areas.

So, what will be the best trends in this area next year?

We analyzed the 2021 outsourcing trends for you; We want to provide insights into outsourcing trends that will shape the outline of the IT industry.

  1. Given the complexity of the projects and the successful operation of all businesses, outsourcers will be considered as decision makers on the same basis as those in management. They will share strategic planning, risk prevention, the design of system architecture and will often act as visionaries that are responsible for policy making in organizations.
  2. Finding a reliable and competent workforce is not a simple task, so once a company provides it, they will try to establish a permanent partnership with it. (This is exactly why software services providers will prefer to build trusted relationships for the benefit of both agents.)
  3. This change in the role of outsourcing providers will be reflected in the quality / performance values ​​after the project is put into use, rather than the deadlines in the contracts. In 2021, customers will prioritize the high quality of the final product in use, over the cost of the final product.
  4. Today, scientific progress is so rapid and the scope of digitization is so wide that it is difficult to make an in-house IT department know everything that is going on in the company. Moreover, innovations and new applications of existing technologies emerge almost every week, so no matter how knowledgeable a group of experts are in modern technologies, 100% control initiatives are doomed to fail. Naturally, people who specialize in a limited area will always be in demand. The coming year will witness an increasing demand for high-quality specialists that can bring maximum value to the project for which they are assigned. In addition to this, if an outsourcing provider has a complete team of experts who can provide product development; will gain a serious advantage over its rivals.
  5. In all over the world, the growing areas of digitalization create an additional burden for large companies who are trying to fill all gaps and reach as many potential customers as possible. In this way, in 2021, cooperation with outsourcing providers will intensify, which will put a great emphasis on the control and coordination activities of teams located in many different corners of the world and with different business ethics.
  6. In previous few years, we witnessed shrinkage in the recruitment of US and Asia-based software resource providers, while Eastern European software developer employment had grown 4-5 times compared to other places. Customers from North America and Western Europe have begun to incline the high-quality performance, commitment, and affordable prices practiced by software developers in Eastern European countries. And it is likely that this trend continues next year. Choosing outsourcing providers from this talent-riched region will be more attractive.
  7. According to Satista’s statistics, nearly 80% of organizations, globally, benefited from cloud-based services last year, and this number will increase further in 2021. Companies won’t just be looking for private cloud service providers like Azure or AWS. The software world will help to transfer existing infrastructures to the cloud by cloud-based solutions.
  8. Data are the most valuable assets of our age. Those who have access to it have enormous power both politically and economically. Realizing this, many cybercriminals try to break into the software of businesses and governments to make easy money. A UN report stated that the number of malicious emails, detected in the COVID-19 outbreak, which sent as a cyber-attack in every 40 seconds worldwide, increased 6 times. Thought, organizations seek to tighten software security measures, and more than half of them employ outside parties to provide security services to them. In 2021, more and more companies will try to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, and outsourcing providers will lend a helping hand about the issue.
  9. While the other IT outsourcing trends mentioned above have been around for some time, the beginning of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is a relatively recent development. However, the progress of these apps in dominating the market is surprising. A website by its nature, PWA, surpasses local applications in terms of flexibility, cross-platform usage, SEO visibility, size, development cost, and performance without a network. Recognizing the benefits of PWAs are going to be common to business, so outsourcing owners who can offer services to build this type of app will prevail in 2021.

As a result, the field of IT outsourcing is constantly transforming with the challenges posed by changing external conditions. Stepping through these challenges, digital service providers have a clear advantage over their competitors. However, we are, Patika Outsourcing Services (PASS), one of these companies, with qualified and versatile experts ready to handle any software project you have in mind, that you are sure it will add value to your business. In this month’s article, we winked at 2020 and turned our face to 2021.

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